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We should talk BEFORE a crisis.

Winkler Public Relations has decades of hands-on experience in pipeline, marine, chemical and refinery crisis emergencies and drills. Preparation and planning are key elements in crisis management.  We can develop a crisis plan for your business or review and enhance your existing plan.

Why Winkler Public Relations in a crisis?

During his 30 years in Public Relations, Dennis Winkler has conducted hundreds of media interviews and managed media during emergency incidents and crises, such as fires, explosions, pipeline leaks, transportation fatalities, or assaults on a company’s reputation. Through his years of experience and training in media relations and crisis communications, Dennis has developed a unique style to manage media during emergencies, to successfully engage communities during times of high concern, and to counsel management on crisis communication strategy.

Winkler Public Relations can help your company:
  • Implement a media relations strategy

  • Effectively work with news media and deliver consistent, powerful key messages

  • Implement strategic public affairs activities to protect and enhance your company’s reputation

  • Prepare for & provide communications counseling during business crises


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