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Winkler Public Relations can develop a compelling, relevant and consistent brand experience that enhances your image and brand. We will work with you to develop strategies that position your company favorably with diverse publics, as well as your customers.


A positive image helps attract and retain customers and shareholders, as well as retains high caliber employees. A positive brand and image that is synonymous with integrity and leadership in the community will positively impact the bottom line of your company.

What kind of image is your company projecting?

In a Cone 2002 survey, 84% of the participants claimed they would switch to a socially responsible brand or welcome a socially responsible company to their community. For 74% of the respondents, corporate social responsibility is important to where they work and 66% say social responsibility is important to their stock investment.


In contrast, 91% of the respondents would switch to another product and 76% would boycott products or services of companies they perceive as not being socially responsible.


Winkler Public Relations can:
  • help develop strategies to effectively brand your company or re-build your brand to diverse publics

  • create an integrated brand strategy and increase brand value

  • build or re-build the reputation of your organization that will differentiate your leadership from others by capitalizing on your vision and values and social performance

  • help integrate and align strategy throughout your organization

  • develop strategies to launch a new identity and brand platform

  • develop strategies to maintain brand integrity


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